The best laptop repair near you!

The best laptop repair near you

LaptopfixNZ Computer Repair Is The Best Laptop Repair Near You! Our laptop repair shop near you is located at 17A Cunningham Place Halswell, Christchurch

Not in Christchurch? Just mail it in. You can send us your device, we’ll figure out what’s wrong with it, repair it, and send it back.

When looking for a laptop repair shop we know it can be a difficult almost impossible task on who to trust for laptop repair near you. We offer “No Fix, No Fee” Guarantee. We’re the only laptop repair near you that offers that! You only pay us for labor, so you know we’re always telling you the truth. If we say something is broke, it’s broke. 

And We Fix All brands and models – Windows PCs & Apple Mac Laptops, Desktops.

Usually, we get all our laptop repairs completed the same day they are dropped off. The only time we might not is a part is required that we can’t locally.

Fast and reliable Christchurch Computer repair nearby

When it comes to Christchurch computer repair services, we hope you'll choose us!
Stop by and see why we were voted Best Local Computer Repair in Christchurch.
Our shop is located in Halswell, 17A Cunningham Place.

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