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Game Console Repair in Christchurch

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Game console repair in Christchurch

Game console repair near you in Christchurch.

We provide a Game console repair service in Christchurch.   When it comes to getting your console repaired in Christchurch, we believe we have made the choice of a simple one. If your Game console has a minor fault, then it makes more sense to repair it than to buy a new one. We repair and upgrade all types of gaming consoles: PS4, PS5, Xbox series X&S, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Switch. In the past 2 years, we have mainly focused on repairing the PS4 and PS5 consoles, Xbox Series, and Nintendo Switch. In addition, we perform hardware upgrades such as installing bigger capacity hard drives on PlayStation and Xbox. Please note when your console has a noisy fan, this is really damaging for your game console as this indicates that your console is overheating and we recommend a full console system cleaning.


The most common PS4 problems:

  • PS4 HDMI port repair
  • PS4 White light of Death
  • PS4 Laser Fault
  • PS4 Hard Disk Error
  • PS4 Hard Disk Upgrade
  • PS4 Fan Fault
  • PS4 Noisy Fan Overheating
  • PS4 USB Port socket repair
  • PlayStation 4 very loud, fan at high speed.

The most common PS5 problems:

  • PS5 HDMI Port repair/ replacement
  • PS5 Damaged Fan Connector repair
  • PS5 USB socket port repair
  • PS5 Motherboard repair ( not turning on)
  • PS5 Liquid damage repair

The most common Xbox One problems:

  • Xbox One HDMI Port repair/ replacement
  • Xbox One Noisy Fan/ Overheating fault
  • Xbox One SSD Upgrade
  • Xbox One Motherboard repair ( not turning on)

The most common Xbox One X problems:

  • Xbox One X HDMI Port repair/ replacement
  • Xbox One X Noisy Fan/ Overheating fault
  • Xbox One X SSD Upgrade
  • Xbox One X Motherboard repair ( not turning on)


The most common Xbox One S problems:

  • Xbox One S HDMI Port repair/ replacement
  • Xbox One S Noisy Fan/ Overheating fault
  • Xbox One S SSD Upgrade
  • Xbox One S Motherboard Repair ( not turning on)

The most common Nintendo Switch Lite problems:

  • Nintendo Switch Lite Charging Port repair/ replacement
  • Nintendo Switch Lite Screen Replacement
  • Nintendo Switch Lite Card Slot Repair
  • Nintendo Switch Lite Battery Replacement
  • Nintendo Switch Lite Joycon/Joystick Repair
  • Nintendo Switch Lite Liquid Water Damage Repair

The most common Nintendo Switch problems:

  • Nintendo Switch Charging  Port repair/ replacement
  • Nintendo Switch Screen Replacement
  • Nintendo Switch Card Slot Repair
  • Nintendo Switch Battery Replacement
  • Nintendo Switch Joycon Repair
  • Nintendo Switch Liquid Water Damage Repair


Interested in Game console repair services but worried about the cost? At LaptopFixNZ, we perform reliable console repairs for budget-friendly prices. Depending on the type of game console damage you are experiencing, prices will vary. We operate with a No Fix No Fee Policy so we do not charge customers unless their console has been successfully repaired. If you decide that you would like us to repair your Game console, then we do not charge you the diagnostic fee. If you decided not to go ahead with the repair our diagnostic check for any game console model is $70.00. To receive a diagnostic on your console repair, contact us or visit us. 

Why choose us?

  • Free diagnostic check ( if you decided to go ahead with the repair)
  • No Fee No Fee guarantee
  • Low price guarantee
  • Quik Game console fix

Save your time and money! Come to our store or mail your device to us for the best Game console repairs. Our shop is located in Halswell 17A Cunningham Place, Christchurch.

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