Computer repair price list for your budget!!!

We repair devices down to a component level

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price list game console repair
price list macbook repair

Computer Repair Price List Guarantee

We regularly check our prices to ensure we offer the lowest-price repair shop service in the area, so you no longer need to search for other places to get your device fixed. With that, we guarantee full professional testing and repair service using high- end equipment. If you are experiencing any problems that are not listed above, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you and provide a quote, and advise as to what your repair options are and how much it will cost.

What you need to know when bringing your device

  •  Please do not bring any cables or accessories of any kind – for laptops, please bring a power cable and we will advise if this is required for the repair or not.
  • No upfront payment is required – Payment can be made on collection via debit card or cash.
  • Before bringing your device in, it’s a good idea to back up your important data. While technician takes precautions, there’s always a small risk of data loss during repairs.
  • If you require data backup/ data recovery as part of the repair, this is an additional cost.
  • If you have attempted any repairs or modifications yourself or had it repaired elsewhere, please inform us. This can provide valuable information about the history of the device and potential causes of the issue.

Save your time and money! Come to our store or mail your device to us for the best Laptop, MacBook or Game console repairs. Our shop is located in Halswell 17A Cunningham Place, Christchurch.

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