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We repair devices down to a component level

Macbook repair
MacBook repair
MacBook repair

LaptopFixNZ specialises in providing repair services for Apple computers and iMac devices. We understand that your  MacBook may be facing various issues such as not working due to being dropped, overheating or experiencing liquid damage. Additionally, if your MacBook has a broken screen or its battery is not holding a charge we can help.

Is your Mac dead and Apple authorised service provider too far or has refused to fix it?

We are here to help you with your Mac repair needs.  Our Mac repair service provides a friendly and professional solution without the premium price tag. As a small, family-run business we handle all Mac repairs in-house, which means you can expect both a quicker and cost-effective service.

It is important to note that we follow a No Fix No Fee policy. This means that if your MacBook cannot be repaired, we do not charge anything for our services.

Our friendly Apple Mac repair technician is fast and can often fix your issue in a few days if the spare parts are in stock. If it’s a known Mac problem we will provide you with a fixed quote for your Mac repair before we commence. We understand that your MacBook is an important part of your daily life and you want it repaired as quickly as possible. We make that happen!

Interested in Apple MacBook repair prices? At LaptopFixNZ, we perform reliable MacBook Pro repairs and MacBook Air repairs for budget-friendly prices. View the price list. Depending on the type of MacBook damage you are experiencing, prices will vary. To receive a diagnostic on your MacBook repair, contact us or visit us. We keep our prices on Apple Mac product repairs as low as possible by offering a different kind of service and carrying out all repairs in our own Mac repair shop. We are confident in guaranteeing that you won’t find an Apple Mac repair of relevant quality for a price as good as ours.

Apple Mac Repairs Christchurch, Canterbury or Nationwide. We have been providing Mac repairs and upgrade to home and businesses. We take pride in being a fast MacBook and Mac Repair service, particularly when it comes to repairing broken screens or battery replacement. If you require a MacBook repair service, you can visit our shop any time during our opening hours, no appointment is necessary. not in Christchurch? Just mail it in.

Looking for MacBook Repair Near Me? We are proud to serve the local community and carry out a full range of Apple Mac repair services for Macbook Air, MacBook Pro and iMac, one company for all fixes you need from Macbook screen replacement, and Macbook water damage repair to Battery replacement and many more.

Environmentally friendly Apple Mac repair specialist. Our technician specialises in Micro soldering (chip-level repair). Many Mac computers end up being discarded due to motherboard failures, resulting in significant electronic waste. However, the intricate Mac motherboard is no longer a mystery, thanks to our Apple Mac repair services. We offer cost-effective repairs for faulty motherboards and our repair services come at a fraction of Apple’s quoted prices, providing an affordable option for those facing motherboard issues. If you have a malfunctioning motherboard in your Apple computer, do not rush to replace or dispose of it – opt for repair instead. By doing so, you not only save money but also contribute to the reduction of New Zealand’s electronic waste. 

No Apple care? If you did not buy Apple Care or your warranty has expired, don’t worry. Our skilled Mac repair expert, who knows their way around MacBook computers, can help. Whether it’s an Apple MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, we have got you covered when Apple’s warranty doesn’t.

MacBook Air repair – We charge a fair price for our MacBook Air repair service, considering the work we do and the good-quality parts we use. If you’re encountering any of the following issues with your Apple MacBook Air laptop:

  • The display has no picture after you turn it on
  • You don’t hear any fan or hard disk activity sounds after turning the laptop on
  • It doesn’t seem to have any power when you attempt to turn it on.
  • The laptop shuts down randomly during use.

Or perhaps you’ve experienced a liquid spill on your MacBook Air laptop? You’ve landed in the right place for cost-effective and trustworthy MacBook Air repair in Christchurch.

MacBook Pro repair – Not sure what’s causing the issue with your MacBook Pro? We offer a wide range of services at our MacBook Pro repair shop. Some of the common MacBook Pro laptop issues we deal with include cracked or damaged screens, the MacBook Pro won’t power on, battery problems, liquid damage, Flexgate (backlight) issues, intermittent black screen/ no video issues, and the laptop freezing at unexpected times.

Discover our comprehensive range of MacBook repair computer services.

We specialize in Apple Macbook repairs that involve identifying and replacing faulty parts. Our repair service covers various components of Apple laptops, including the screen, keyboard, hard drive, motherboard and charging issues. If you encounter issues with any of these parts, rest assured that our skilled technician is equipped to efficiently diagnose and replace the problematic component. In cases where the necessary spare parts are readily available, we strive to complete these part-replacement repairs in just a few business days. Furthermore, we are proud to offer competitive prices for our MacBook repair services, ensuring that you receive high-quality repairs without breaking the bank. Whether you’re in Christchurch, Canterbury or anywhere in the country, we are your trusted destination for reliable and cost-effective Macbook repairs.

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